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A team build around your needs.

At Weyres, we are a dedicated team of developers, designers, engineers, technicians, metalworkers, vessel owners and crew members. We are highly qualified experts who continually enhance their expertise and stay abreast of the latest advancements offshore noise mitigation systems.

Big Bubble Curtain Weyres Offshore

Weyres Leadership

Big Bubble Curtain Weyres Offshore


Founder & CEO

Big Bubble Curtain Weyres Offshore


Chief Operating Officer

Big Bubble Curtain Weyres Offshore



Big Bubble Curtain Weyres Offshore


Commercial & Marketing

Big Bubble Curtain Weyres Offshore


Data & Analytics

Our culture

Great ideas begin with a vision. At our core, we're aim to be at the forefront of sustainable energy development by pioneering noise mitigation solutions for wind parks, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between renewable energy generation and the natural environment. We are agents of change, dedicated to delivering results and driving innovation. As forward-thinking specialists in noise mitigation, is to serve as a dependable and proficient partner for our clients. Working with us is an opportunity for you to discover your strengths by leading the change on issues that matter. Additionally, our extensive background in design engineering and metalworking equips us to address a wide range of requirements beyond noise mitigation. 

Our values

  1. Pioneering Innovation: We strive to shape the future by challenging the norms and transforming our vision into tangible reality.

  2. Environmental Stewardship: Sustainability, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility are at the heart of our organization.

  3. Inclusive Collaboration: We value diverse perspectives and foster open communication, recognizing that collective input leads to optimal outcomes.

  4. Data-Driven Excellence: Our decisions are grounded in facts, not conjecture. We firmly believe that data and sound reasoning are fundamental elements for strategy execution and performance evaluation.

Safety at the core

Safety isn't just a priority, it's a philosophy. At the heart of our operations, we're dedicated to creating an environment that's not only accident-free but one that also champions the well-being of our dedicated team and partners. Safety at Weyres isn't just about guidelines, it's about cultivating the right behavior. Our array of trainings and workshops equip employees with tools to foster effective communication with stakeholders, making our safety practices sustainable rather than simply rule-oriented.

Working at Weyres Offshore

Regardless of your background, education, or industry, if you have a track record of exceptional work, we invite you to join us to accelerate the world's transition to renewable energy through by pioneering new developments in underwater noise mitigation for offshore wind parks.

We reject traditional methods in favor of innovation. Driven by a shared commitment to a sustainable future, we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone—regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or background—can thrive and succeed. By promoting a safe, innovative and inclusive culture, anyone with the talent, energy and focus to solve hard problems has a seat at the table.

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Featured Jobs

The Offshore Team is expected to be deployed offshore 40% of the year, with the remaining 60% spent preparing for the next deployment. Deployments typically last for 2 to 3 weeks and will require the team to live onboard offshore vessels during these periods.

Offshore Mechanical Systems Expert

The Offshore Mechanical Systems Expert is responsible for to manage our offshore crew in inspecting, servicing, and operating underwater acoustic mitigation systems. This includes diesel fuel systems for generators, marine diesel generators, onboard vessel deck and winch systems, hose deployment systems, and air compressors. Additionally, the role involves overseeing the onshore mobilization of equipment, conducting mobilization on the vessel, and managing the deployment, operation, and recovery of bubble curtain hoses. The leader will inspect and service engine equipment, troubleshoot issues, and perform minor repairs. Expertly diagnosing and fixing problems with marine electrical and mechanical systems of any size is also a key responsibility.


  • Leading a team of 3-4 technicians in the operations, maintenance, and deployment of underwater acoustic mitigation systems (vessel-based air compressors, hoses, reels, etc.)

  • Conducting inspections, service, troubleshooting, and repairs on:

    • Diesel Fuel Systems, including values, filters, pumps, etc.

    • Marine Diesel Generators, including alternator, voltage regulator, cooling/exhaust systems, lubrication systems, battery chargers, and control panel

  • Perform functional/continuity tests on completed assemblies per procedures.

  • Perform the startup and function test of equipment systems.

  • Perform visual inspection of components to verify quality and correctness to the drawing.

  • Troubleshoot systems and make necessary repairs or corrections to system or processes.

  • Completing service records and repair documents.

  • Leading other technicians and trades to accomplish maintenance tasks.


  • 5+ years of experience conducting maintenance on shipboard or offshore equipment

  • Maritime (offshore) experience (military, commercial, etc.)

  • Proficient in reading schematics and work plans.

  • Ability to work to prearranged deadlines, embrace change and continual improvement.

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills, ability to work safely on own initiative with self-imposed quality control standards and with time constraints.

  • GWO BST (Working at height, first aid, manual handling, fire awareness, sea survival)

  • OGUK - Medical Certificate

  • Fluent in English

  • EU Resident

  • Seaman Service Book (SSB)

Technical Expert - Big Bubble Curtain (Offshore)

We are seeking a highly skilled Technical Expert to handle the Big Bubble Curtain and associated tasks. This role involves offshore work to ensure noise mitigation during wind park development, protecting marine life while supporting sustainable energy projects.


  • Operate and maintain the Big Bubble Curtain during construction work

  • Ensure safety and compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Perform technical tasks as required during offshore operations.


  • Experience conducting maintenance on shipboard or offshore equipment

  • Maritime (offshore) experience (military, commercial, etc.)

  • GWO BST (Working at height, first aid, manual handling, fire awareness, sea survival)

  • OGUK - Medical Certificate

  • Fluent in English

  • EU Resident

  • Seaman Service Book (SSB)

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