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Creating sustainable impact.

Leaders in offshore noise mitigation.

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Sustainable energy. Silent progress.

Exceptional noise reduction: Experience industry-leading noise reduction capabilities that not only meet but exceed regulatory standards.

Best-in-class technology: Powered by cutting-edge compressed air technology, we set new benchmarks in noise mitigation.

Seamless integration: Designed for effortless integration into wind park projects. It's user-friendly, adaptable, and seamlessly aligns with our customers projects.

Preserving wildlife: We live the significance of wildlife protection during wind park development. We act as a guardian, safeguarding the well-being of marine life.

A greener tomorrow: We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that safeguard the ecosystem and promote the adoption of clean, renewable energy sources.

The Big Bubble Curtain. 

 Protecting the ocean with technology. Noise Mitigation Services. Designed by Weyres Offshore.  

Big Bubble Curtain Weyres Offshore

It is widely acknowledged that reaching our clean energy objectives requires the implementation of offshore wind farms. However, a challenge arises due to the construction phase, especially the pile driving, which adversely affects marine mammals. Weyres is committed to mitigating this issue. We pioneer new developments in underwater noise mitigation, ensuring your projects adhere to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

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